Yin-Yang and the Heart-Mind

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The East Asian notion of a heart-mind (Chinese xin 心, Japanese kokoro , and Korean maum 마음) is arguably more accurate to our psychology than the Western term “mind” and its equivalents are: the latter term implies the possibility of psychological functioning in the absence of all emotion, and it can be shown that that is impossible. But then it turns out that we can update the traditional Chinese notions of yin 陰 and yang 陽 in such a way as to help us philosophically explain how our functioning psychology involves emotion and why any possible psychology has to rest on such a basis. Yin-yang is the essence of heart-mind, and heart-mind is essential to any functioning psychology.

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StatePublished - Mar 1 2018


  • Emotion
  • Heart-mind
  • Mind
  • Yin-yang 陰陽

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