Women in physical medicine and rehabilitation

E. Y. Wong, D. D. Cardenas

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Academic medical centers share the triple missions of education, research, and clinical care, particularly in vulnerable populations. They are well positioned to have a significant impact on reducing health disparities in health care between patients from diverse backgrounds, both now and in future generations. A key component to realizing this goal lies in increasing the number of women in academic medicine. Women bring a fresh perspective to the investigative process, often targeting specific gender issues. In addition, women physicians have been shown to be better at providing preventive services, and patient satisfaction studies have shown that many patients prefer women physicians. Women with disabilities are a group with little visibility and few advocates; yet this group of women uses the health care system more frequently than other women. Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, particularly those in academia, are in a good position to improve the health of disabled women, because they conduct research and teach others how to better care for women.

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JournalPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2001

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