Willingness of pregnant women to vaccinate themselves and their newborns with the HPV vaccine

Katherine P. Heyman, Michael J. Worley, Melissa K. Frey, Robin T. Kessler, Diane C. Bodurka, Brian M. Slomovitz

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Objective: To evaluate the willingness of pregnant women to accept the HPV vaccine for their newborns as well as themselves. Methods: An 18-item questionnaire was distributed to antepartum women. Demographic data about the respondent's current pregnancy and her knowledge of HPV and the HPV vaccine was collected. Information about the respondent's HPV and HPV vaccine status as well as her acceptance of the vaccine for herself during pregnancy and her newborn son and/or daughter after delivery was also collected. Results: Three hundred surveys were completed and available for review. Only 6 respondents (2%) had received the HPV vaccine. Despite the small group of patients who had previously been vaccinated, 112 respondents (37.3%) stated that they would receive the HPV vaccine during pregnancy if recommended by an obstetrician. 99 respondents (33%) stated that they would vaccinate their newborn female infant and 83 (27.7%) stated would vaccinate their male infants. Conclusion: Providing the HPV vaccine to pregnant women as well as newborns could be an important way to increase the patient population who is protected against HPV. A percentage of pregnant women are willing to accept the vaccine for themselves and their newborns.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jun 20 2011
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  • Gardasil
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