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This response to a vasectomy article appearing in the October issue of the Journal of the Florida Medical Association includes the following criticisms: 1) a surgical procedure which crushes, transects, and ties the proximal part of the vas deferens will produce vas occlusion and the crushed section, if unligated, will close with scar tissue; 2) successful subcutaneous vasectomy results in sperm absorption by the subcutaneous tissues rather than by the peritubular tissues; 3) FSH, ICSH, and androgen production as measured by seminal fructose, have been found unchanged in vasectomied animals; 4) using a histometric counting method, Kothari and Mishara found a 25% increase in Leydig cell volume within 8 weeks of vasectomy; and 5) Howard and James discovered sperm agglutinating antibodies in 32.6% of their patients, but no evidence of unusual complications or laboratory evidence of developing autoimmunity, i.e., C-reactive protein, positive STS, rheumatoid factor, or antinuclear protein.

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JournalJournal of the Florida Medical Association
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StatePublished - Feb 1 1974

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