Uveal melanoma gene expression status post radiotherapy

Aaron S. Gold, Timothy G. Murray, Arnold M. Markoe, Fiona Ehlies, Azeema Latiff, Andrea Wildner, Ernesto Bermudez

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ABSTRACT Purpose. Gene expression profiling has been shown to yield two distinct molecular genetic signatures for uveal melanoma. These class designations tend to predict tumor aggressiveness and the likelihood of metastasis. Tumors with a class 1 genetic signature are generally much less aggressive than tumors with a class 2 genetic signature. Gene expression analysis for previously treated uveal melanoma has not yet been reported. The authors report three cases where genetic analysis was successfully obtained from uveal melanoma that was previously treated years earlier with radiotherapy. Case Report. The patients in all three cases received globe-conserving radiotherapy for treatment of choroidal melanoma before gene expression profiling was readily available. The patients in cases 1 and 2 received 125I plaque brachytherapy while the patient in case 3 received proton irradiation therapy. When secondary surgery was necessary to stabilize these eyes from the effects of radiation retinopathy, fine-needle aspiration biopsy was also performed for gene expression profiling. Genomic analysis revealed a class 1 molecular signature for the patient in case 1 and a class 2 molecular signature for the patients in cases 2 and 3. Conclusions. Gene expression profiling for uveal melanoma may be obtained from patients who were previously treated with radiotherapy; however, the implication of these results will benefit from ongoing clinical evaluation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)e14-e17
JournalOptometry and Vision Science
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 14 2014


  • choroidal melanoma
  • gene expression profiling
  • radiation retinopathy
  • radiotherapy
  • retina
  • uveal melanoma

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