Use of simulation for global health pre-departure training

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Background: Opportunities for students to participate in global health mission trips have expanded. However, lack of pre-departure training is often reported and has been associated with negative outcomes for participants. Simulation is an effective method for providing customized situational learning. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of a Pre-Departure Training program incorporating simulation for advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) students prior to a global health mission trip. Design: This program employed a pre-posttest design with surveys administered at baseline, after a computer-based learning module, and after a simulation-based learning experience. Setting: A university in the Southeastern United States. Participants: Twenty-two APRN students in their first clinical rotation of the program. Methods: APRN students with interest in global health missions partake in a pre-departure training program. Pre-departure training includes a computer-based learning module followed by an outdoor simulation replicating a low-income setting. Pre-posttest surveys assessed students' perceptions of confidence, skill, knowledge and comfort regarding global health. A skills checklist was used to evaluate student clinical patient presentation during the simulation. Results: Students' preparedness scores increased after the computer-based learning and significantly increased after the simulation. In the simulation, 42% of students successfully completed their patient presentation during their first attempt while 58% required remediation. Conclusion: After the pre-departure program, students felt more confident in their global health knowledge, and felt significantly more prepared to provide health care in a low-income country. Schools of nursing offering global health mission trips or study abroad programs should consider implementing pre-departure programs using simulation as a teaching method.

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StatePublished - Dec 2020


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