T1N0M0 bronchogenic carcinoma: Assessment by CT

J. L. Pearlberg, M. A. Sandler, G. H. Beute, Beatrice Madrazo

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We reviewed medical records and conventional chest radiographs that showed a solitary T1N0M0 nodule in 23 patients who had non-oat-cell bronchogenic carcinoma. No patient had evidence of metastases, either on the chest radiograph or clinically. All patients underwent computed tomography (CT) examination of the thorax, including the adrenal glands. Only one patient (4%) had mediastinal lymph nodes greater than 1 cm in diameter accessible to mediastinotomy; anterior mediastinotomy confirmed metastatic spread in this patient, which precluded curative resection. Three patients each had a mildly enlarged (2 cm or less) adrenal gland; however, follow-up study suggested that metastasis was not the cause of adrenal enlargement in these patients. This study reinforces concern over whether CT is warranted in the preoperative assessment of T1N0M0 bronchogenic carcinoma.

Original languageEnglish
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1985
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Pearlberg, J. L., Sandler, M. A., Beute, G. H., & Madrazo, B. (1985). T1N0M0 bronchogenic carcinoma: Assessment by CT. Radiology, 157(1), 187-190.