Trends in viral pathogens isolated from keratitis and retinitis

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Purpose; Viral pathogens are the causative agent in more than 500.0UU cases of ocular disease annually. Emergent ocular syndromes such as acute retinal necrosis (ARN), acute necrotizing chorioretinitis, and dendritic adenoviral keratilis document the increasing numbers and variety of viral agents recovered from ocular sites. We conducted a ten year review to determine the numbers and variety of viral pathogens recovered from cornea ,and intraocular fluids samples collected from patients seen at BPEI from January 1986 through June 1996. Methods: Viral laboratory records and worksheets were examined to extract information on organism occurrence, detection time, and predictive value of DFA. Results: Two hundred and nineteen culture positive cases were recovered from cornea (203) and intraocular fluids ( 16). Ninety percent of the isolates from cornea were HSVI. Recovery ofAdenovirus (9), Enterovirus (7), and HSY If (5) isolates from cases of possible dendritic keratilis ranged from 2-4%. Average detection time for recovery of 90% of all corneal isolates was 7 days. HSV isolates were confirmed within 48-72 hours. Sixty-nine percent of the intraocular isolates included members of the herpesvirus family (CMV-4, VZV-I. HSV-6). Isolation rales fofAdeiwvirus (2) and Enterovirus (3) were U and 19 percent respectively. Average detection time for intraocular isolates from specimens to r/o retinitis oruveitis was 7-14days. CMV and VZV isolates were recovered after 14 days. Agreement between DFA and culture for the detection of HSf from corneal scrapings or biopsies was 83%. Conclusions: HSV remains the most frequently recovered viral pathogen in ocular disease. However, Adenoviruses. and Enteroviruses may have an increasing role as pathogens in atypical keralitis, chorioretinitis or uveitis. DFA may be used to assist in the detection of HSV in corneal scrapings or biopsies.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1997

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