Toxoplasma serology in patients with malignant diseases of the reticuloendothelial system

Charles L. Vogel, Milford N. Lunde

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Anti‐Toxoplasma hemagglutination titers were done on serum from 240 patients with malignant diseases of the reticulo‐endothelial system, and factors which could alter serologic reactions in this population of patients were examined. Twenty‐nine per cent had titers greater than 1:18. This percentage is similar to that found by other investigators in surveys done on otherwise normal United States populations. Patients with low gamma globulin levels and those receiving antineoplastic chemotherapy were analyzed separately; results in both groups were similar to those in the remainder of the study population. Seroconversion from negative to positive was noted in patients receiving large volumes of blood‐product transfusions. It is hoped that through the presentation of our epidemiologic data and discussion of factors that could alter anti‐Toxoplasma antibody titers future interpretation of such titers in patients with malignant disease will be facilitated.

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StatePublished - Mar 1969
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