Toward the micro and macro-level consequences of interactional justice in cross-cultural joint ventures

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Nested within the logic of social exchange, this study addresses the micro and macro-level consequences of interactional justice between boundary-spanning executives in cross-cultural joint ventures. At the micro-level, this study examines how interactional justice affects these executives' decision-making effectiveness and the interpersonal trust between boundary-spanning officers. At the macro-level, the study analyzes how interactional justice affects the levels of conflict and attachment between partner organizations from different nations. This study further analyzes how interactional justice buffers the effects of national cultural differences between partner organizations on the above consequences. Analysis of 152 international joint ventures suggests that interactional justice is positively associated with decision effectiveness, interpersonal trust, and interorganizational attachment, and that interactional justice suppresses the negative influence of national cultural differences between partners on interorganizational attachment.

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JournalHuman Relations
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StatePublished - Aug 1 2006



  • Comparative and cross-cultural management
  • Conflict: group
  • Conflict: interpersonal
  • Organizational culture
  • Strategic and international management

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