The role of framework in Upper Triassic patch reefs in the Yukon ( Canada).

R. P. Reid, R. N. Ginsburg

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Upper Triassic patch reefs in the southern Yukon include tabular reefs, about 30 m thick, and semicircular and elongate reefs, over 100 m thick. The tabular reefs consist predominantly of framework built by small calcareous sponges, spongiomorphs, and corals; they are designated as framework buildups, analogous, in a genetic sense, to modern coral reefs. The sediment buildups in the Yukon are similar to upper Rhaetian patch reefs in Austria. However, the origin of the Austrian reefs have been attributed to framebuilding fossils and sediment producers have not been identified as important reef builders. -from Authors

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1986

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