The prevalence of diabetic neuropathy according to ethnicity

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The prevalence of diabetic neuropathy has been studied in ethnic groups. Comparisons of ethnic groups for the prevalence of diabetic neuropathy are complicated by several factors. The criteria and classification of neuropathy vary between studies. Also, there are substantial differences in the modes of assessment. Moreover, in the studies of neuropathy in ethnic groups, the criteria for common characteristics that would define such groups are often unstated. Finally, there are a relatively small number of studies that have specifically compared ethnic groups for the prevalence of neuropathy. Most of these studies have assessed manifestations of sensorimotor neuropathy. Although it is difficult to discern a pattern due to the factors indicated above, there appears to be a tendency for white individuals to have a higher prevalence of sensorimotor neuropathy than the groups with whom they have been compared. However, this trend is not always consistent and there is no clear explanation for it.

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JournalCurrent diabetes reports
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