The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education

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The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education serves as a general introduction to key issues in the field, furthers the philosophical pursuit of those issues, and hopes to bring philosophy of education back into closer contact with general philosophy. Philosophy of education has an honored place in the history of Western philosophical thought. Its questions are as vital now, both philosophically and practically, as they have ever been. In recent decades, however, philosophical thinking about education has largely fallen off the philosophical radar screen. Philosophy of education has lost intimate contact with the parent discipline to a regrettably large extent-to the detriment of both. The articles in this volume cover a broad range of philosophical questions concerning education. The articles provide surveys of the general domain they address, and advance the discussion in those domains in original and fruitful ways. Together their articles constitute a new wave of general philosophic thinking taking up fundamental philosophical questions about education.

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PublisherOxford University Press
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StatePublished - Jan 2 2010


  • Education
  • General philosophy
  • Parent discipline
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  • Western philosophical thinking

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