The Limits of the Medical Model: Historical Epidemiology of Intellectual Disability in the United States

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Introduction,nvesting in Science: Child Health and U.S. Medicine in the Twentieth Century,The Impact of Specific Medical Interventions,The Changing Definition of ID,The "Flynn Effect" and the Impact of Improved Public Health

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Title of host publicationCognitive Disability and Its Challenge to Moral Philosophy
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StatePublished - Aug 18 2010



  • Causes of ID, with specific medical interventions
  • Federal spending for persons - with developmental disabilities
  • Historical epidemiology of ID in United States - not just counting persons with ID
  • Improving public policy for persons with disabilities - Eunice and Sargent Shriver
  • Intellectual disability - medical model and beyond
  • Limits of medical model, historical epidemiology of intellectual disability in United States
  • National Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Retarded Children (later NARC) - disability rights on state and national level
  • Politics of projected prevalence of ID - affecting definition of ID.
  • United States and intellectual disability - issues for families and local governments
  • Value of scientific medicine - decline in childhood mortality

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