The life and legacy of Professor Calvin R. Massey: A select annotated bibliography

Nicholas Mignanelli

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Professor Calvin R. Massey served on the faculty of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law from ig8j until 2012. From 2012 until his death in 2015, he served as the inaugural Daniel Webster Distinguished Professor of Law on the faculty of the University of New Hampshire School of Law. A noted constitutional law and property scholar, Professor Massey wrote two textbooks, published dozens of articles, and gave countless presentations over the course of his three decades in legal academia. While his scholarly interests were many and varied, he might be best known for his writings on the Ninth Amendment and unenumerated rights, a subject about which he wrote four law review articles and a monograph. What follows is an annotated bibliography that attempts to collect and describe Professor Massey's body of work. This bibliography begins with a short biography. Next, Professor Massey's works are listed and annotated according to the category in which they fall: books; articles, essays, and book reviews; or audio and video recordings. Finally this Article concludes with a brief reflection on the significance of the recorded knowledge Professor Massey left behind. This bibliography is select because juvenilia, supplements, study aids, superseded works, and unrecorded public appearances have been excluded. While the Author attempted to take a descriptive approach to annotating the works found in this Article, there are instances in which the Author's enthusiasm may have driven him into the realm of evaluation.

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