The impact of psychosocial stress and stress management on immune responses in patients with cancer

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The range of psychosocial stress factors/processes (eg, chronic stress, distress states, coping, social adversity) were reviewed as they relate to immune variables in cancer along with studies of psychosocial interventions on these stress processes and immune measures in cancer populations. The review includes molecular, cellular, and clinical research specifically examining the effects of stress processes and stress-management interventions on immune variables (eg, cellular immune function, inflammation), which may or may not be changing directly in response to the cancer or its treatment. Basic psychoneuroimmunologic research on stress processes (using animal or cellular/tumor models) provides leads for investigating biobehavioral processes that may underlie the associations reported to date. The development of theoretically driven and empirically supported stress-management interventions may provide important adjuncts to clinical cancer care going forward.

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  • adaptation
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  • stress
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