Temperature measurements at site 395, ODP Leg 109

J. Kopietz, K. Becker, Y. Hamano

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Borehole temperatures in Hole 395A were continuously logged during Leg 109, over 10yr after the hole was drilled during Leg 45 and about 5yr after temperatures in the hole were previously measured during Leg 78B. Temperatures measured during Leg 109 indicate a vigorous flow of ocean bottom water down the 112m of casing and into the permeable upper basement, at a rate virtually undiminished since Leg 78B. The temperature gradient in the sediments was measured at the nearby Hole 395C, allowing the rate of flow down Hole 395A to be estimated at about 10-100m/hr. The temperature gradient in the deeper section is consistent with a heat flow of about 200mW/m2, close to the value predicted for the 7.3Ma old crust at the site. -from Authors

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JournalUnknown Journal
StatePublished - 1990
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