Telemedicine implementation and reimbursement surveys

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Association of Telehealth Service Providers (ATSP) Surveys The ATSP published annual reports from 1997 to 2001 that included information on U.S. teledermatology services [1]. The 2001 report was based on a questionnaire sent to 206 telemedicine programs. The report provided information on the 82 telemedicine programs that responded and included the clinical specialties provided. The ATSP report did not include reimbursement information. 2002 AMD Telemedicine/American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Reimbursement Survey In 2002, AMD Telemedicine and the ATA conducted a survey of telemedicine reimbursement [2]. The initial survey was sent to approximately 2,000 ATA members. Despite a poor response rate, ATA and AMD Telemedicine identified 141 active U.S. telemedicine programs with 72 of the 141 programs that billed for telemedicine services. These 72 programs were then surveyed by telephone. The survey revealed that 38 of the 72 programs (53%) were reimbursed for telemedicine services by private payers and that 150 private payers reimbursed for telemedicine in 24 states. Blue Cross/Blue Shield reimbursed in 13 states whereas Medicaid reimbursed in only 18 states. Four states had legislations mandating private payer reimbursement of telemedicine services: California SB 1665 (1996), Kentucky HB 177 (2000), Louisiana SB 773 (1995), and Texas HB 2033 (1997). Detailed survey results were posted on the “Private Payer Reimbursement Information Directory” web site (, which is regularly updated with private payers and states in which Medicaid reimburses for telemedicine. As of June 2005, Blue Cross/Blue Shield reimbursed for telemedicine services in 21 states.

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