Technology training for older job-seeking adults: The efficacy of a program offered through a university-community collaboration

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Many older adults who lose their jobs face challenges in finding new employment due to fundamental limitations in their technology skills. While training could give them the skills they need, older workers often have less access to training programs than younger workers. This study examined the feasibility of using an e-learning training program developed for older job-seeking adults lacking the requisite technology skills to find employment. Implementation of the training program was based on a partnership established between university researchers and a community organization. Thirty-five participants aged 50–71 years provided data regarding their previous work histories and problems that they encountered while seeking employment. They completed 12 hours of training in Microsoft Excel and were given multiple-part problems to assess what they had learned. They also provided evaluations of the program. Participants who enrolled in the training had limited computer skills; after a relatively short amount of training, many were able to perform Excel functions such as entering data and using formulas. Most participants indicated that the training they received was very beneficial, and that they had a basic understanding of Excel. Overall, this project demonstrated that academic-community partnerships can provide an effective strategy for delivering training to older adults.

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