T1-weighted and T2-weighted Subtraction MR Images for Glioma Visualization and Grading

Mohammed Goryawala, Bhaswati Roy, Rakesh K. Gupta, Andrew A. Maudsley

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: To evaluate the performance of multiparametric MR images in differentiation of different regions of the gross tumor area and for assessment of glioma grade. METHODS: Forty-six glioma subjects (18 grade II, 11 grade III, and 17 grade IV) underwent a comprehensive MR and spectroscopic imaging procedure. Maps were generated by subtraction of T1-weighted images from contrast-enhanced T1-weighted images (ΔT1 map) and T1-weighted images from T2-weighted images (ΔT2 map). Regions of interest (ROIs) were positioned in normal-appearing white matter (NAWM), enhancing tumor, hyperintense T2, necrotic region, and immediate and distal peritumoral regions (IPR and DPR). Relative signal contrast was estimated as difference between mean intensities in ROIs and NAWM. Classification using support vector machines was applied to all image series to determine the efficacy of regional contrast measures for differentiation of low- and high-grade lesions and grade III and IV lesions. RESULTS: ΔT1 and ΔT2 maps offered higher contrast as compared to other parametric maps in differentiating enhancing tumor and edematous regions, respectively, and provided the highest classification accuracy for differentiating low- and high-grade tumors, of 91% and 90.4%. Choline/N-acetylaspartate maps provided significant contrast for delineating IPR and DPR. For differentiating high-grade gliomas, ΔT2 and ΔT1 maps provided a mean accuracy of 90.9% and 88.2%, which was lower than that obtained using cerebral blood volume (93.7%) and choline/creatine (93.3%) maps. CONCLUSION: This study showed that subtraction maps provided significant contrast in differentiating several regions of the gross tumor area and are of benefit for accurate tumor grading.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)124-131
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Neuroimaging
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2021


  • Brain tumor
  • MRI
  • MRSI
  • contrast
  • glioma
  • subtraction

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