Synthesis and structures of oxo-bridged distannyl- And digermyldirhenium complexes

Richard D. Adams, Burjor Captain, Carl B. Hollandsworth, Mikael Johansson, Jack L. Smith

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The reaction of Re 2(CO) 8(μ-SnPh 2) 2 (1) with NaOMe in methanol in the presence of Bu n 4NBr yielded the salt [NBu n 4][Re 2(CO) 8{μ-Ph 2SnO(Me)SnPh 2}] (3). The anion of 3 contains a Ph 2SnO(Me)SnPh 2 ligand formed by the addition of a [OMe] - group to the two bridging SnPh 2 groups in 1. The bidentate ligand bridges the two Re(CO) 4 groups that are joined by a Re-Re single bond. The reaction of Re 2(CO) 8[μ-C(H)C(H)Bu n](μ-H) with Ph 3GeH and H 2O in heptane solvent yielded the complex Re 2(CO) 8[μ-Ph 2GeO(H)GePh 2](μ-H) (4). The structure of 4 consists of two Re(CO) 4 units bridged by a Ph 2GeO-(H)GePh 2 ligand and a hydrido ligand that bridges the Re-Re bond. Compound 4 was deprotonated at the OH group by treatment with [NBu n 4][OH] to give the salt [NBu n 4][Re 2(CO) 8(μ-Ph 2GeOGePh 2)(μ-H)] ([NBu n 4]·5). The three new compounds were characterized by IR, 1H NMR, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses. The electronic structures of 4 and 5 were probed by computations employing density functional theory (ADF 2004.01, PW91).

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StatePublished - Jul 31 2006
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