Synthesis and structural characterization of ruthenium carbonyl cluster complexes containing platinum with a bulky N-heterocyclic carbene ligand

Sumit Saha, Burjor Captain

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The reaction of Ru3(CO)12 with Pt(IMes)2 in benzene solvent at room temperature afforded the monoplatinum-triruthenium cluster complex Ru3Pt(IMes)2(CO)11, 1, in 21% yield and the trigonal bipyramidal cluster complex Ru3Pt 2(IMes)2(CO)12, 2, in 26% yield. The reaction of Ru(CO)5 with Pt(IMes)2 in benzene solvent at 0 C yielded two trinuclear cluster complexes, the monoplatinum-diruthenium Ru 2Pt(IMes)(CO)9, 3, and the monoruthenium-diplatinum cluster complex RuPt2(IMes)2(CO)6, 4. The reaction of 2 with hydrogen at 80 C afforded the tetrahydrido-tetraruthenium complex Ru4(IMes)(CO)11(μ-H)4, 5, and the dihydrido-diruthenium-diplatinum complex Ru2Pt2(IMes) 2(CO)8(μ-H)2, 6. All six compounds were structurally characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses.

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JournalInorganic Chemistry
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StatePublished - Jan 21 2014


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