Survey research for geographers.

Ira M Sheskin

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The use of survey research techniques by geographers is widespread, but discussion of these techniques in the geographical literature is limited. This monograph is intended as a reference for geographers conducting surveys and also as a guide to the survey research literature. After an overview of objectives, ethics and alternatives, the main types of social survey are described. These include personal interviews, postal, telephone and intercept surveys. Probability and non-probability sampling designs are explained. A chapter on questionnaire development concentrates on types of questions, question-construction and questionnaire format. This is followed by consideration of survey logistics (personal training, timing, coding, budgeting, and so on) and then discussion of pilot studies, the execution of the main survey, data analysis and reporting the results. Examples are used throughout.-R.Haynes

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Title of host publicationSurvey research for geographers.
PublisherAssociation of American Geographers; Resource Publications in Geography
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1985

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