Support for the RV144 HIV vaccine trial [1] (multiple letters)

Robert Belshe, Genoveffa Franchini, Marc P. Girard, Frances Gotch, Pontiano Kaleebu, Marta L. Marthas, Michael B. McChesney, Rose McCullough, Fred Mhalu, Dominique Salmon-Ceron, Rafick Pierre Sekaly, Koen Van Rompay, Bernard Verrier, Britta Wahren, Mercedes Weissenbacher, Maureen Baehr, Dana Cappiello, Chris Collins, David Gold, Pontiano KaleebuAlexandre Menezes, Mike Powell, Robert Reinhard, Luis Santiago, Bill Snow, Jim Thomas, Steve Wakefield, Mitchell Warren, Edd Lee, Huntly Collins, Dennis R. Burton, Ronald Charles Desrosiers, Robert W. Doms, Mark B. Feinberg, Beatrice H. Hahn, James A. Hoxie, Eric Hunter, Bette T M Korber, Alan L. Landay, Michael M. Lederman, Judy Lieberman, Joseph M. McCune, John P. Moore, Neal Nathanson, Louis Picker, Douglas D. Richman, Charles R. Rinaldo, Mario Stevenson, David Watkins, Steven M. Wolinsky, Jerome A. Zack, Robert C. Gallo

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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)177-180
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Issue number5681
StatePublished - Jul 9 2004
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AIDS Vaccines

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Belshe, R., Franchini, G., Girard, M. P., Gotch, F., Kaleebu, P., Marthas, M. L., ... Gallo, R. C. (2004). Support for the RV144 HIV vaccine trial [1] (multiple letters). Science, 305(5681), 177-180.

Support for the RV144 HIV vaccine trial [1] (multiple letters). / Belshe, Robert; Franchini, Genoveffa; Girard, Marc P.; Gotch, Frances; Kaleebu, Pontiano; Marthas, Marta L.; McChesney, Michael B.; McCullough, Rose; Mhalu, Fred; Salmon-Ceron, Dominique; Sekaly, Rafick Pierre; Van Rompay, Koen; Verrier, Bernard; Wahren, Britta; Weissenbacher, Mercedes; Baehr, Maureen; Cappiello, Dana; Collins, Chris; Gold, David; Kaleebu, Pontiano; Menezes, Alexandre; Powell, Mike; Reinhard, Robert; Santiago, Luis; Snow, Bill; Thomas, Jim; Wakefield, Steve; Warren, Mitchell; Lee, Edd; Collins, Huntly; Burton, Dennis R.; Desrosiers, Ronald Charles; Doms, Robert W.; Feinberg, Mark B.; Hahn, Beatrice H.; Hoxie, James A.; Hunter, Eric; Korber, Bette T M; Landay, Alan L.; Lederman, Michael M.; Lieberman, Judy; McCune, Joseph M.; Moore, John P.; Nathanson, Neal; Picker, Louis; Richman, Douglas D.; Rinaldo, Charles R.; Stevenson, Mario; Watkins, David; Wolinsky, Steven M.; Zack, Jerome A.; Gallo, Robert C.

In: Science, Vol. 305, No. 5681, 09.07.2004, p. 177-180.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Belshe, R, Franchini, G, Girard, MP, Gotch, F, Kaleebu, P, Marthas, ML, McChesney, MB, McCullough, R, Mhalu, F, Salmon-Ceron, D, Sekaly, RP, Van Rompay, K, Verrier, B, Wahren, B, Weissenbacher, M, Baehr, M, Cappiello, D, Collins, C, Gold, D, Kaleebu, P, Menezes, A, Powell, M, Reinhard, R, Santiago, L, Snow, B, Thomas, J, Wakefield, S, Warren, M, Lee, E, Collins, H, Burton, DR, Desrosiers, RC, Doms, RW, Feinberg, MB, Hahn, BH, Hoxie, JA, Hunter, E, Korber, BTM, Landay, AL, Lederman, MM, Lieberman, J, McCune, JM, Moore, JP, Nathanson, N, Picker, L, Richman, DD, Rinaldo, CR, Stevenson, M, Watkins, D, Wolinsky, SM, Zack, JA & Gallo, RC 2004, 'Support for the RV144 HIV vaccine trial [1] (multiple letters)', Science, vol. 305, no. 5681, pp. 177-180.
Belshe R, Franchini G, Girard MP, Gotch F, Kaleebu P, Marthas ML et al. Support for the RV144 HIV vaccine trial [1] (multiple letters). Science. 2004 Jul 9;305(5681):177-180.
Belshe, Robert ; Franchini, Genoveffa ; Girard, Marc P. ; Gotch, Frances ; Kaleebu, Pontiano ; Marthas, Marta L. ; McChesney, Michael B. ; McCullough, Rose ; Mhalu, Fred ; Salmon-Ceron, Dominique ; Sekaly, Rafick Pierre ; Van Rompay, Koen ; Verrier, Bernard ; Wahren, Britta ; Weissenbacher, Mercedes ; Baehr, Maureen ; Cappiello, Dana ; Collins, Chris ; Gold, David ; Kaleebu, Pontiano ; Menezes, Alexandre ; Powell, Mike ; Reinhard, Robert ; Santiago, Luis ; Snow, Bill ; Thomas, Jim ; Wakefield, Steve ; Warren, Mitchell ; Lee, Edd ; Collins, Huntly ; Burton, Dennis R. ; Desrosiers, Ronald Charles ; Doms, Robert W. ; Feinberg, Mark B. ; Hahn, Beatrice H. ; Hoxie, James A. ; Hunter, Eric ; Korber, Bette T M ; Landay, Alan L. ; Lederman, Michael M. ; Lieberman, Judy ; McCune, Joseph M. ; Moore, John P. ; Nathanson, Neal ; Picker, Louis ; Richman, Douglas D. ; Rinaldo, Charles R. ; Stevenson, Mario ; Watkins, David ; Wolinsky, Steven M. ; Zack, Jerome A. ; Gallo, Robert C. / Support for the RV144 HIV vaccine trial [1] (multiple letters). In: Science. 2004 ; Vol. 305, No. 5681. pp. 177-180.
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