Structural ecosystems therapy with hispanic adolescents exhibiting disruptive behavior disorders

Michael S. Robbins, Seth Schwartz, José Szapocznik

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This chapter highlights Structural Ecosystems Therapy (SET), a family-based intervention developed at the Center for Family Studies. SET recognizes that adolescent behavior problems are a function of factors both within and outside the family (cf. Szapocznik & Coatsworth, 1999). As such, intervention strategies specifically target patterns of interaction, within the family and between the family and other systems (e.g., peers, schools) that influence the development or maintenance of behavior problems. The goal is to create new and adaptive patterns of interaction within the family to promote prosocial adolescent behavior. Although SET has been developed for both African American and Hispanic populations, this chapter exclusively focuses on the application of SET with Hispanic adolescents and their families. The case study demonstrates the application of SET with a drug abusing adolescent and her family.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationCulturally Responsive Interventions
Subtitle of host publicationInnovative Approaches to Working with Diverse Populations
Number of pages28
ISBN (Print)0203486161, 9780203486160
StatePublished - Dec 25 2003

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