Specific binding of estrogen to nuclei from japanese quail kidney cells

R. T. Turner, G. A. Howard, D. J. Baylink

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The binding properties of estrogen to Japanese quail kidney cell nuclei were evaluated by 3H-17βestradiol exchange. Kidney cell nuclei from estrogenized male, as well as laying female quail, had a single class of saturable (0.1-0.2 pmol/mg DNA), high affinity (Kd = 1-2 × 10-10M) nuclear binding sites for 17βestradiol. High affinity estrogen binding sites were not found in kidney cell nuclei from untreated males. Various non-radioactive estrogens (17βestradiol, estrone, estriol and diethylstilbestrol) competed effectively with 3H-17βestradiol for the high affinity binding sites, whereas nonestrogens (testosterone and progesterone) did not compete. It is concluded that the 3H-estradiol binding characteristics of kidney cell nuclei provides strong evidence for a nuclear estrogen receptor in the avian kidney.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)335-342
Number of pages8
JournalEndocrine Research
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1978
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