Site 504: Costa Rica Rift

K. Becker, H. Sakai

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The rocks recovered from Hole 504B during Leg 111 are aphyric or sparsely- to highly-phyric, fine- to medium-grained, olivine tholeiitic basalts. Most of the recovered basalt is slightly altered, and olivine replaced by ± chlorite, ± pyrite ± talc, ± mixed-layer clay minerals, ± magnetite, or by chlorite + actinolite. Although coring was difficult, the logging and experiments were quite successful. Before Leg 111 began coring, undisturbed borehole temperatures were continuously logged, and borehole waters were sampled. The highest measured temperature was 148.9°C at 1280 mbsf, suggesting an equilibrium temperature of about 165°C at the present total depth of the hole. -from Authors

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JournalUnknown Journal
StatePublished - Jan 1 1988

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