H. A. DeFerrari, D. S. Ko, C. L. Monjo

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Reported here are the results of reciprocal transmission experiments in the Florida Straits to investigate the feasibility of shallow water tomography. Two 3-point reciprocal experiments were conducted with triangular geometries at ranges of approximately 25 and 45 km. Pseudo-random sequence signals were transmitted from a source having a 100 Hz bandwidth with a center frequency of 460 Hz. Thus, the pulse response of the propagation channel was measured with the resolution of 9 ms for reciprocal transmission between each source and receiver pair. The measurements were repeated every 12 minutes for a period of 30 days. The acoustic measurements accompanied current and temperature measurements from moored instruments along the path of propagation. Herein, both ray theory and split step parabolic equation method are used to analyze and invert experimental results to give depth averaged current and temperature measurements which are then compared with the direct measurements.

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StatePublished - 1986

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