Semicentenarul Dobrogei - o aniversare bine pregǎtitǎ

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The 50th anniversary in 1928 of the Dobrudjàs reunification with the Romanian state gave the authorities the occasion to initiate several major public projects. Among those one can number the construction of a cultural palace of Dobrujda and of a commemorative monument, a jubilar exhibition, the issuing of a monograph referring to the province, the minting of a medal, as well as the setting in motion of large public festivities. These projects have been both carefully prepared and generously funded. They have also involved numerous architects, technicians and artists, historians, as well as other intellectuals. Our paper presents - through novel documents - some of these projects and the way they have been carried out, along with their major protagonists.

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  • Alexandru Lapedatu
  • Semicentennial of Dobrudja

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