Scleral-Sutured Intraocular Lens Dislocations Secondary to Eyelet Fractures

Arjun Watane, Benjamin W. Botsford, Arjun B. Sood, Andrew M. Williams, David Xu, R. Rishi Gupta, Ian P. Conner, Arunan Sivalingam, Omesh P. Gupta, Matthew S. Ward, Sonia Mehta, Mario del Cid, Alessa Crossan, David I. Sierpina, Frank S. Hwang, Aleksandra Rachitskaya, David S. Ehmann, Kyle D. Kovacs, Anton Orlin, Alice Y. ZhangUmangi Patel, Sander Dubovy, Michael A. Klufas, Nimesh A. Patel, Jayanth Sridhar, Nicolas A. Yannuzzi

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Objective: To report clinical features and visual outcomes following eyelet fractures of scleral-sutured enVista MX60 (Bausch + Lomb) intraocular lenses (IOL). Design: Retrospective, multi-center, multi-surgeon, observational case series. Methods: Study Population: Patients with scleral-sutured enVista MX60 IOLs that experienced either an intraoperative or post-operative eyelet fracture associated with dislocation or subluxation. Procedures: All records were reviewed for patients with a dislocated or subluxed scleral-sutured enVista MX60 IOL. Clinical features and outcomes were gathered. Main Outcome Measures: Clinical setting, surgical technique, complications, and visual acuity. Results: A total of 25 scleral-sutured enVista MX60 IOLs displacements secondary to eyelet fractures in 23 eyes of 23 patients were included. There were 20 IOLs that sustained a postoperative fracture and 5 IOLs that sustained an intraoperative fracture. Of the postoperative fractures, 7 were dislocated and 13 were subluxed. Gore-Tex was the suture of choice for 19 of the postoperative fractures and all 5 of the intraoperative fractures, and Prolene was used for 1 postoperative fracture. The mean time until postoperative fracture was 96 ± 125 days, and the median time was 61 (IQR 48-144) days. Of the postoperative fractures, new MX60s were sutured in 10 patients, and 2 of them experienced repeat displacements due to a new eyelet fracture. In the intraoperative fracture group, new MX60s were sutured in 4 patients and an Akreos AO60 lens was placed in the 5th patient. The mean preoperative best-corrected logMAR visual acuity for all patients improved from 1.2 ± 0.8 (20/317 Snellen equivalent) to 0.5 ± 0.5 (20/63 Snellen equivalent) at most recent follow-up after lens replacement. Conclusions: Scleral-sutured MX60 intraocular lenses can experience intraoperative or postoperative eyelet fractures, resulting in lens subluxation or dislocation. Surgeons should be aware of this complication when evaluating secondary intraocular lens options.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)273-278
Number of pages6
JournalAmerican journal of ophthalmology
StatePublished - Jan 2021

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