Sarcoidosis mimicking a venous ulcer: A case report

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Sarcoidosis - a chronic, multisystem disease of unknown etiology characterized by noncaseating granulomas - may cause ulcerative lesions, particularly in African American women. A case of ulcerative sarcoidosis mimicking a venous ulcer is presented. The patient is a 44-year-old African American hypertensive, obese woman with a nonhealing medially based lower leg ulcer of 3 years' duration clinically consistent with a venous ulcer. The ulcer did not heal with compression therapy and pentoxifylline. Subsequent biopsies showed granulomatous inflammation consistent with sarcoidosis. When intralesional triamcinolone was added to compression therapy, the ulcer resolved after 3 months. Given its propensity toward formation on the lower extremities and ulcerative and atrophic appearance, ulcerative sarcoidosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a venous ulcer refractory to standard therapy, especially in African American women.

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JournalOstomy Wound Management
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StatePublished - Nov 1 2009


  • Case study
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  • Sarcoidosis
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  • Varicose ulcer

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