Review of laser hair removal in Fitzpatrick skin types IV to VI

Keyvan Nouri, Maria Patricia Rivas

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Laser-assisted hair removal has become very popular in the last decade. There are several lasers available for hair removal, such as the 694-nm ruby, 755-nm alexandrite, 810-nm diode, and the 1064-nm Nd:YAG. Most of the studies for hair removal involve patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I to III. This review summarizes the current literature on laser hair removal in skin types IV to VI. The relevant lasers, pretreatment and posttreatment protocols, complications, and side effects associated are discussed. Future larger multicenter studies are required to further determine the safe parameters of these lasers in shin types IV to VI.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)24-26
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JournalCosmetic Dermatology
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 2003
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