Review of family-based approaches to improve postoperative outcomes among bariatric surgery patients

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Background Bariatric surgery must be partnered with postoperative lifestyle modifications for enduring weight loss and related health effects to be fully appreciated. Little is known about how these lifestyle modifications may be affected by the involvement of other family members living in the household; therefore, this review describes current family-based approaches to improving postoperative outcomes in bariatric surgery patients and their families. Methods A MEDLINE search of publications from 1999 to 2014 was conducted in January 2014. Retrieved titles and abstracts were assessed by 2 authors to determine relevance to the topic surrounding family-based approaches to improve postbariatric surgery outcomes. All study designs except case studies were considered if they included some aspect of family as a predictor in relation to improved health outcomes after surgery. Results Initial searches yielded 650 publications (bariatric surgery+family, n = 193; bariatric surgery+child, n = 338; bariatric surgery+spouse, n = 4; bariatric surgery+social support, n = 115). Two studies met criteria for a family-based approach to improving metabolic outcomes in bariatric patients. Seven studies discussed the impact of bariatric surgery on families. All other studies were excluded for not discussing family-based approaches. Conclusion Despite limited documentation of family-based approaches on improving health outcomes in patients who underwent bariatric surgery, evidence suggests that such an approach may be advantageous if planned a priori to occur before, during, and after bariatric surgery. Future studies could test the combination of bariatric surgery and a family-based approach for improved metabolic outcomes in both the patient and involved family member(s).

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