Repression of the chicken c-rel promoter by vRel in chicken embryo fibroblasts is not mediated through a consensus NF-κB binding site

A. J. Capobianco, T. D. Gilmore

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To understand the regulation of expression of the chicken c-rel gene, we cloned genomic sequences upstream of the start site of transcription of c-rel. Sequence analysis shows that the c-rel promoter is a GC-rich promoter that lacks a TATA box. In addition, there are putative binding sites for several transcription factors, including an NF-κB consensus binding site. Primer extension showed that there is one major start site (site 1) for transcription in chicken embryo fibroblasts and two major start sites in a v-rel-transformed chicken spleen cell line. In transient assays using c-rel promoter sequences and the CAT reporter gene, we found that vRel repressed expression from the c-rel promoter. Other viral oncoproteins and a non-transforming v-rel deletion mutant did not repress the c-rel promoter. Repression occurred through sequences located within 125bp of the start of transcription. However, mutation of the consensus NF-κB binding site did not affect the level of transcription from the c-rel promoter, nor did it interfere with repression by vRel, even though vRel could bind to the wild-type, but not the mutant, version of this sequence in vitro. These results suggest that the vRel protein can repress transcription through an indirect mechanism.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1991
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