Renal cell carcinoma with or without tumor thrombus invading the liver, pancreas and duodenum

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Background: The purpose of this study is to report the outcomes of a series of patients with locally advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) who underwent radical nephrectomy, tumor thrombectomy, and visceral resection. Patients and methods: 18 consecutive patients who underwent surgical treatment in the period 2003-2019 were included. Neoplastic extension was found extending into the pancreas, duodenum, and liver in 9(50%), 2(11.1%), and 7(38.8%) patients, respectively. Seven patients (38.8%) presented also inferior vena cava tumor thrombus level I (n = 3), II (n = 2), or III (n = 2). The resection was tailored according to the degree of invasiveness. Demographics, clinical presentation, disease characteristics, surgical details, 30-day postoperative complications, and overall survival (OS) were analyzed. Results: Median age was 56 years (range: 40–76). Median tumor size was 14.5 cm (range, 8.8–22), and 10 cm (range: 4–15) for those cases with pancreatico-duodenal and liver involvement, respectively. Median estimated blood loss (EBL) was 475 mL (range: 100–4000) and resulted higher for those cases requiring thrombectomy (300 mL vs. 750 mL). Nine patients (50%) required transfusions with a median requirement of 4 units (range: 2–8). No perioperative deaths were registered in the first 30 days. Overall complication rate was 44.4%. Major complications were detected in 6/18 patients (33.3%). Overall median follow-up was 24 months (range: 0–108). Five-year OS (actuarial) rate was 89.9% and 75%, for 9/11 patients with pancreatico-duodenal involvement and 6/7 patients with liver invasion, respectively. Conclusion: Our series establishes the technical feasibility of this procedure with acceptable complication rates, no deaths, and potential for durable response.

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  • Renal cell carcinoma
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