Relationships Among Parental Involvement, Music Aptitude, and Musical Achievement of Instrumental Music Students

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This study examined relationships among selected aspects of parental involvement, music aptitude, musical achievement, and performance achievement. Subjects were 113 wind instrumentalists from four north-central Pennsylvania middle schools. Variables were defined through a researcher-constructed measure of parental involvement (PIM), the tonal and rhythmic imagery subtests of the Music Aptitude Profile (Gordon, 1965), selected sub-tests of the Music Achievement Tests (Colwell, 1969), and the Watkins-Farnum Performance Scale (Walkins & Farnum, 1954). Data were analyzed through correlation and MANOVA procedures. Results indicated (1) no significant relationship between parental involvement (as measured by student responses) and performance achievement; (2) a relationship of little practical significance between parental involvement and both musical achievement and musical aptitude; (3) a strong relationship between music aptitude and both musical achievement and performance achievement; and (4) a significant three-way interaction for performance achievement among parental involvement, music aptitude, and gender.

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JournalJournal of Research in Music Education
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