Reframing, Refocusing, Referring, Reconciling, and Reflecting: Exploring Conflict Resolution Strategies in End-of-Life Situations

Paula Hopeck, Tyler R Harrison

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Many problems can occur between family members at the end of a patient’s life, resulting in conflict that others—the nurses, patient advocates, clergy, and social workers involved in the case—must resolve. This article explores the strategies used by those individuals to resolve conflict. Using grounded practical theory as a theoretical and methodological framework, qualitative interviews (n = 71) revealed how they manage family conflict at the end of life. The management styles include reframing, refocusing, referring, reconciling, and reflecting (the “5 Rs”). These strategies provide a conflict management typology for those who work with families during end-of-life situations.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalHealth Communication
StateAccepted/In press - May 14 2016


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