Quality and costs in the clinical laboratory

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For several decades, quality enhancement was a primary focus of the health care industry. Control of costs was of secondary importance, and quality was not compromised in the pursuit of cost control. This focus has changed dramatically. Control of costs now dominates medical care policy-making. The natural reaction to this policy shift is that quality will now suffer. Yet, this assumed trade-off between quality and costs has never been demonstrated. Quality is a broad concept in medical care. In a study of a subsection of the medical service industry, quality is divided into several of its components. Although a relationship does exist between quality and capital costs, it does not appear to exist between quality and labor costs. If clinical laboratory managers and other medical service providers look toward controlling capital costs and enhancing quality of labor services, cost control can be attained, and the quality of medical care services can be sustained or actually improved.

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JournalClinical Laboratory Management Review
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1988

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