Protection from chemotherapy-induced neutropenia by ImuVert

J. J. Jimenez, H. S. Huang, M. Hindahl, F. C. Pearson, A. A. Yunis

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Neutropenia is a major cause of chemotherapy-induced morbidity. This study examines the effect of ImuVert on the course of neutropenia from Cytoxan and Adriamycin. In adult rats treated with either Cytoxan or Adriamycin and ImuVert, the absolute neutrophil count remained above 7,000 and 2,000, respectively, for the duration of ImuVert therapy. In contrast, in the control Cytoxan group the absolute neutrophil count reached 300/mm3 on day 5 and remained below 1,000 from day 4 through day 7. In the Adriamycin control group, the nadir absolute neutrophil count reached 600/mm3 on day 7 and remained below 100 from day 6 through day 8. C3H/EJ mice (endotoxin-hypo- responsive) treated with Cytoxan developed an absolute neutrophil count below 1,000 from day 4 through day 7. In contrast, in the group concomitantly treated with ImuVert, the nadir absolute neutrophil count remained below 1,000 only on days 4 and 5. The authors conclude that stimulation of endogenous cytokine production by ImuVert may provide a potentially useful approach to bone marrow rescue from chemotherapy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)83-85
Number of pages3
JournalAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 1 1992


  • Adriamycin
  • Biologic response modifier
  • Cytoxan
  • Myelosuppression
  • Neutropenia

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