Proceedings, initial reports, Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 137, Costa Rica Rift

Keir Becker, G. Foss

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Leg 137 continued a multi-leg effort at Site 504, and achieved its primary objective of cleaning Hole 504B of the hardware lost at the end of Leg 111. The hole now penetrates 1621.5 mbsf, 1347m into the basement. The introduction is followed by the site chapter which details the background, objectives and operations, before discussing the results in the following areas: igneous petrology and alteration; physical properties; fluid sampling and chemistry; temperature logging; borehole televiewer; flowmeter/injection experiments. The core descriptions and photographs are presented in section 4, and the volume is concluded with the policy details. This volume is bound together with the initial reports for Leg 136. -S.J.Stone

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1992
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