Preliminary Results for an Adaptive Family Treatment for Drug Abuse in Hispanic Youth

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A small randomized trial investigated a new family-based intervention for Hispanic adolescents who met DSM-IV criteria for substance abuse disorder. The Culturally Informed and Flexible Family-Based Treatment for Adolescents (CIFFTA) is a tailored/adaptive intervention that includes a flexible treatment manual and multiple treatment components. The study used an " add on" design to isolate the effects on substance abuse, behavior problems, and parenting practices attributable to the newly developed components. Twenty-eight Hispanic adolescents and their families were randomized either to the experimental treatment or to traditional family therapy (TFT) and were assessed at baseline and 8-month follow-up. Despite the small sample, results revealed statistically significant time - treatment effects on both self-reported drug use (marijuana + cocaine), F(1, 22) = 10.59, p < .01, η 2 = .33 and adolescent reports of parenting practices, F(1, 22) = 9.01, p < .01, η 2 = .29. Both sets of analyses favored CIFFTA participants. There was a significant time - treatment effect, F(1, 22) = 6.72, p = .02, η 2 = .23, favoring CIFFTA on parent report of parenting practices using a composite that matched the variables used for adolescents, but only a nonsignificant trend, F(1, 22) = 2.43, p = .13, η 2 = .10, with a composite that used all parenting subscales. Parent reports of adolescent behavior problems did not show a significant time or time - treatment effect. These results show the promise of this adaptive treatment for substance abuse in Hispanic adolescents and suggest the need for a larger randomized trial to fully investigate this treatment.

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JournalJournal of Family Psychology
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StatePublished - Aug 2011


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