Power suction VIA biopsy channel: A new, more effective technique

C. Collawn, J. S. Novak, R. I. Goldberg, J. S. Barkin

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Successful endoscopy is dependent upon adequate removal of endoluminal contents, especially with GI bleeding and colonoscopy. Traditional suction method via suction valve use is often tedious and inadequate for removal of particulate matter. The purpose of this controlled, in-vitro, comparative study was to determine if biopsy port-suction application "turbo suction" is faster and more efficient for liquids and particulate matter aspiration than standard endoscopic suction technique (SEST). METHODS: 80 cc alliquots of 3 substances with increasing viscosity, (water, PulmocareR supplement, and DannonR fruit yogurt) were serially aspirated by both SEST & biopsy channel suction applied directly from the same setting on the wall suction module. All measurements were made using the same endoscope, suction valve, biopsy channel diaphragm and wall suction unit. Saline solution was used to cleanse the channel after each aspiration. RESULTS: SUBSTANCE OF TESTS PULMACARER (N=10) (Sec) WATER (N=10) (Sec) YOGURT(N=5) (Sec) Standard Suction: Mean 35.8 7.3 0 Medium 35.5 7.5 0 SD 2.4 0.8 0 Biopsy Port Suction: Mean 15.6 4.8 188 Medium 15.0 5.0 170 SD 2.5 0.6 24 P Value (Student T Test) P < 0.01 P < 0.01 CONCLUSION: Biopsy port applied suction technique is significantly faster than standard suction for all substances, including water (p<0.01) and PulmocareR (p<0.01). Viscous particulate substances (e.g. yogurt) can only be aspirated with power suction technique & not with SEST. SUMMARY: Turbo is a helpful adjunct to endoscopic procedures when encountering viscous or paniculate material such as coagulated blood, foodstuff and semisolid stool, permitting faster and more efficient suctioning than traditional techniques.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)293
Number of pages1
JournalGastrointestinal endoscopy
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1996

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