Polarized radiance distribution measurements of skylight. I. System description and characterization

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A new system to measure the natural skylight polarized radiance distribution has been developed. The system is based on a fish-eye lens, CCD camera system, and filter changer. With this system sequences of images can be combined to determine the linear polarization components of the incident light field. Calibration steps to determine the system’s polarization characteristics are described. Comparisons of the radiance measurements of this system and a simple pointing radiometer were made in the field and agreed within 10% for measurements at 560 and 670 nm and 25% at 860 nm. Polarization tests were done in the laboratory. The accuracy of the intensity measurements is estimated to be 10%, while the accuracy of measurements of elements of the Mueller matrix are estimated to be 2%.

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JournalApplied Optics
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StatePublished - Aug 20 1997

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