Physical activity assessment and intervention

Gabriel Somarriba

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Physical activity is the most common, everyday stress placed on the body, and may be used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in evaluating and treating children with many different medical conditions. Physical activity at recommended levels may reduce insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, among other factors, and for children with metabolic syndrome, physical activity may be as efficient and effective as pharmaceutical treatment. Metabolic syndrome in children has been linked to poor cardiovascular fitness. Children have also demonstrated beneficial effects, such as weight loss, increases in cardiorespiratory fitness, and strength, when participating in a structured physical activity intervention. Physical activity has many components, and it is important to address each when designing an exercise program or intervention for children with metabolic syndrome. Baseline assessments of the current level of fitness are necessary before prescribing any exercise program for children with metabolic syndrome. The tests may be repeated throughout the program to measure progress and set realistic goals for the program. There is no consensus on the best type of intervention to address the constellation of cardiovascular risk factors in metabolic syndrome, and future studies are needed to substantiate the effects of physical activity in children and adolescents with metabolic syndrome and to standardize the specific duration, intensity, and type of activity that yield positive results.

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