Overview of the Arctic Sea State and Boundary Layer Physics Program

Jim Thomson, Stephen Ackley, Fanny Girard-Ardhuin, Fabrice Ardhuin, Alex Babanin, Guillaume Boutin, John Brozena, Sukun Cheng, Clarence Collins, Martin Doble, Chris Fairall, Peter Guest, Claus Gebhardt, Johannes Gemmrich, Hans C. Graber, Benjamin Holt, Susanne Lehner, Björn Lund, Michael H. Meylan, Ted MaksymFabien Montiel, Will Perrie, Ola Persson, Luc Rainville, W. Erick Rogers, Hui Shen, Hayley Shen, Vernon Squire, Sharon Stammerjohn, Justin Stopa, Madison M. Smith, Peter Sutherland, Peter Wadhams

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53 Scopus citations

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