Outcomes after surgical resection of head and neck paragangliomas: A review of 61 patients

David M. Neskey, Georges Hatoum, Rishi Modh, Francisco Civantos, Fred F. Telischi, Simon I. Angeli, Donald Weed, Zoukaa Sargi

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We reviewed the postoperative functional outcome following surgical resection of paragangliomas in patients with and without preoperative cranial nerve dysfunction. Patients who underwent surgical resections of head and neck paragangliomas were reviewed with functional outcomes defined as feeding tube and/or tracheostomy dependence, need for vocal cord medialization, and incidence of cerebral vascular accidents as primary end points. Secondary end points included pre- and postoperative function of lower cranial nerves and the impact of this dysfunction on long-term functional status. Sixty-one patients were identified: 27 with carotid paraganglioma (CP), 21 with jugular paraganglioma (JP), 8 with tympanic paragangliomas, 4 with vagal paragangliomas (VPs), and 1 with aortopulmonary paraganglioma. Following resection, 8 patients were feeding tube dependent, 14 patients required vocal cord medialization, 2 patients suffered strokes, but no patients required tracheostomy tubes. Twenty percent of patients (4/20) with JP and postoperative cranial neuropathies were feeding tube dependent, and 80% of patients (4/5) with CP and postoperative cranial nerve dysfunction were feeding tube dependent. Cranial nerve deficits were more common in patients with JP relative to those with CP. However, when cranial nerve dysfunction was present, our patients with CP had a higher incidence of temporary feeding tube dependence. Overall, 98% of patients were able to resume oral nutrition.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)171-176
Number of pages6
JournalSkull Base
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2011


  • cranial nerve dysfunction
  • feeding tube dependence
  • functional outcomes
  • Paragangliomas

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