Opportunities of international E-services: A conceptual model

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Internationally, the role of e-services in the effective and efficient functioning of firms is expanding and evolving. This evolution is significantly impacting customer and market behaviors. As a result, most firms have started developing and enhancing the e-services functionality to effectively deliver products and services. E-services can be used to automate, informate, and transform customer relationships and marketplaces. This paper highlights the scope of e-services in changing marketplaces and discusses e-services in an international context, utilizing a framework that will allow researchers and managers to understand the impact of country-level effects on e-services strategies. The paper suggests that, due to penetration of e-services, some firms will have the ability to transform markets. Directions for future research and managerial implications are also highlighted.

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Subtitle of host publicationOpportunities and Threats
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StatePublished - Dec 1 2007


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