Résultats à un an de l'efficacité et de l'innocuité du MicroShunt InnFocus selon l'emplacement et la concentration de MMC

Translated title of the contribution: One-year results on the safety and efficacy of the InnFocus MicroShunt depending on placement and concentration of mitomycin C

I. Riss, J. Batlle, L. Pinchuk, Y. P. Kato, B. A. Weber, Jean-Marie A Parel

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Purpose. - To compare intraocular pressure (IOP) at one year with the InnFocus MicroShunt®with or without cataract surgery with according to placement and concentration of mitomycin C(MMC) Design. - A retrospective two-center, two-surgeon study (France and Dominican Republic).Patients and methods. - Adults with POAG requiring filtering surgery. One MicroShunt®wasplaced in one eye of each patient. The effect of concentration and site of application of MMCwas assessed by IOP and medication reduction at one year.Results. - Eighty-seven eyes were studied with one-year follow-up. Twenty-three eyes treatedwith 0.4 mg/mL MMC close to the limbus demonstrated a 55% reduction in IOP from 23.8 ± 5.3at baseline to 10.7 ± 2.8 mmHg at one year. Topical glaucoma medication/patient was reduced85% from 2.4 ± 0.9 to 0.3 ± 0.8. Thirty-one eyes treated with 0.2 mg/mL MMC close to the limbusdemonstrated a 52% reduction in IOP from 27.9 ± 6.7 at baseline to 13.3 ± 3.3 mmHg at one year.Topical glaucoma medication/patient was reduced 88% from 2.5 ± 1.4 to 0.5 ± 1.0. Thirty-threeeyes treated with 0.4 mg/mL MMC deep in the pocket demonstrated a 38% reduction in IOP from25.4 ± 7.9 at baseline to 15.7 ± 4.6 mmHg at one year. Topical glaucoma medication/patient wasreduced 72% from 2.9 ± 1.0 to 0.8 ± 1.3. There were no sight-threatening long-term adverseevents.Conclusion. - The InnFocus MicroShunt®is a filtering surgery whose efficacy is related to thelocation of application and concentration of MMC used.

Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)855-860
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JournalJournal Francais d'Ophtalmologie
Issue number9
StatePublished - Nov 1 2015



  • Filtering surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • MicroShunt®
  • Minimally invasivesurgery for glaucoma

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