Novel three-dimensional biochip pulmonary sarcoidosis model

Tess M. Calcagno, Chongxu Zhang, Runxia Tian, Babak Ebrahimi, Mehdi Mirsaeidi

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Sarcoidosis is a multi-system disorder of granulomatous inflammation which most commonly affects the lungs. Its etiology and pathogenesis are not well defined in part due to the lack of reliable modeling. Here, we present the development of an in vitro three-dimensional lung-on-chip biochip designed to mimic granuloma formation. A lung on chip fluidic macrodevice was developed and added to our previously developed a lung-on-membrane model (LOMM). Granulomas were cultured from blood samples of patients with sarcoidosis and then inserted in the air-lung-interface of the microchip to create a three-dimensional biochip pulmonary sarcoidosis model (3D BSGM). Cytokines were measured after 48 hours. ELISA testing was performed to measure cytokine response difference between LOMM with 3D BSGM. There were statistically significant differences in IL-1ß (P = 0.001953), IL-6 (P = 0.001953), GM-CSF (P = 0.001953), and INF-γ expressions (P = 0.09375) between two groups. The current model represents the first 3D biochip sarcoidosis model created by adding a microfluidics system to a dual-chambered lung on membrane model and introducing developed sarcoid-granuloma to its air-lung-interface.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere0245805
JournalPloS one
Issue number2 February
StatePublished - Feb 2021

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