Notes on slavic visual sources at the university of Virginia

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This is a brief sampling of Slavic visual sources in the University of Virginia Library and Art Museum. Sources available for study include printed material, such as early twentieth-century Russian art and architectural history monographs, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century histories of Russian explorations, and Englishlanguage travel literature on Russia. Rare and unique materials include an illustrated fair copy manuscript by Russian writer and illustrator Aleksei Remizov, collections of photographs of Russia taken during the Civil War and Stalinist eras, and works on paper by Slavic artists Marc Chagall, Alexander Brodsky, Ilya Utkin, Jiří, Kolář, and others.

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JournalSlavic and East European Information Resources
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  • Czech art
  • Czech photography
  • Polish art
  • Russian architectural history
  • Russian art
  • Russian book illustration
  • Russian photography
  • Travel literature
  • University of Virginia

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